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Programs at the Children's Safety Village are interactive and engaging so that learning about safety becomes fun. Each of our 8 programs is delivered by an industry expert and incorporates the use of the Village, putting youth into scenarios that mimic real life experiences.

If you are interested in booking a program session at the Village please contact us.

Transportation Costs

Your transportation costs to the CSV may be subsidized through the Outdoor Education Fund or through our Transportation Fund. 

Check with your principal to see if you are eligible. 

Children will receive classroom instruction in combination with practical experience in the controlled environment of the miniature village. Programs at the Children’s Safety Village are 1.0 hours -1.5 hours in length and we can accommodate up to two groups a day.

Programs offered at the Children's Safety Village - Belleville

“Tricky People”

Safety Modern current age appropriate interactive presentation designed to empower youth to be aware and protect themselves against “Tricky People.”   JK -4 Matt Richardson Digital Empowerment 
Internet Safety 

Students will learn internet safety skills through an innovative new seminar that will incorporate the latest technologies including popular messaging apps and social media platforms.  Grades 5-8 Matt Richardson  Digital Empowerment 
“Bite Free” Program 
The local St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog group offers a program called “Bite Free”. The program is intended to promote safety around dogs by helping children understand the dog’s point of view and making them aware of the dog’s body language 
The program addresses these questions: 1. Why do dogs bite? 2. How do you recognize when a dog might bite? 3. What should you do if confronted by an aggressive dog? 4. How do you meet a dog safely? JK - 1 St. John’s Ambulance 
Pedestrian Safety 
Students walk the streets and sidewalks to practice looking both ways waiting for signals at crosswalks and calling 911.   Grades 1-2 BPS 
Street Safety “Jeeps on Streets” 
Students drive mini jeeps through the Village to practice stopping at traffic lights, waiting at a train crossing, and obeying street signs.  When children visit as part of a class, they participate in a classroom session but then get to come out and practice in the Safety Village. Grades 1-3 BPS 
Fire Safety 
 “Getting to Know Fire” is a comprehensive fire and life safety curriculum that provides accurate messages on a variety of fire and life safety topics for school aged children.  ¬ Program will be offered by a trained firefighter.  ¬ 15 minutes in class presentation  ¬ children will be divided into groups to practice fire safety topics  ¬ interactive presentation – 5 stations. JK-2 Belleville Fire Department 

Bicycle Safety 
Students ride bicycles and practice hand signals, dismounting at railway tracks and watching for pedestrians. Grade 4 BPS 
Rail Safety 
LOOK LISTEN LIVE Children's Safety Village is pleased to announce a partnership with VIA Rail to host Rail Safety Classes at the Village. Together we hope to prevent injuries and fatalities on Canadian Rail Lines. JK-8 VIA Rail