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How You Can Help

The Children's Safety Village is a community funded project run by a volunteer Board.  

We are always looking for people able to help with time and talent.

Volunteers with a current criminal record check are welcome to assist with classroom visits or community events. We need people to help with traffic control, practising 911 calls and switching out jeep batteries.

If you're handy, the Village requires maintenance from time to time and a volunteer able to do this skilled work is invaluable.

If you enjoy events, we can always use people to help clean, decorate, participate with crafts, etc...  new ideas are always welcome!

Fundraising is also critical to our survival.  We need funding for basic needs like heat and hydro and schools are struggling with transportation costs to get here.  Your contribution at any level can help...  and we will recognize your donation on our Sponsors page.  Contact us for more information.

Existing Building ~ $10,000 ($2000 over 5 years)

Doorway ~ $5,000 ($1000 over 5 years)

Programs - $1500/year

Jeep ~ $500.00/year

Fund a Class Visit ~ $250/year