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COVID-19 and the Children's Safety Village

Since March 2020 the CSV has been closed for programming as a result of COVID-19. At this time, we continue to operate in a limited capacity to ensure the safety of our visitors and the community that we serve. If you have questions or concerns about our operations during this time, please contact us

Space Rentals

Space rentals are still available at the CSV for your group. Classroom space is limited to 8 people, and boardroom space is limited to 6. 

If you would like to inquire about using our space and what our COVID-19 policy is for space rentals contact us.


At this time all community events held at the CSV are labelled as "tentative". Announcements on whether events will move forward will happen closer to the event date, and will be determined by the province's directive and CSV board and staff.

Homeschool Groups

The CSV is offering adaptive programming models for homeschool groups - either individual families or those within the same bubble. The minimum number of children required for a homeschool program is 6 with at least 1 parent chaperone. All persons participating in homeschool programming will be screened prior to entry. Facemasks are required and social distancing rules are to be followed. 

Learn more about our programs here or contact us for more information.

*Please note that safety programming at the CSV is offered to the community at no cost. We do recommend and appreciate if smaller groups make a small monetary donation to subsidize some of the cost of running programs for smaller groups.