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About Us

About Us

The Children’s Safety Village (CSV) is a first-class venue with a group of expert instructors making it a natural choice and tremendous asset for hosting safety programs. 

Established in 2004 to teach primary grades traffic and pedestrian safety.  Based on our philosophy “Involve me and I will understand” the village is an interactive memorable experience complete with traffic lights, signs, markings and a working railway crossing, thereby teaching awareness and responsibility. 

In 2018, the CSV expanded its programming to include Rail and Fire Safety.  In addition, the CSV has added modern “Stranger Danger” classes, current to today’s world, and cutting-edge Internet Safety Programs.   Introduction of new CSV programs has greatly expanded our audience to include children in Junior and Intermediate Grades, Secondary School Students, Teens and Parents.

"Tell Me and I'll Forget"   "Show Me and I May Remember"   "Involve Me and I will Understand"

The Village also hosts a few public events each year where we welcome the community to walk through and meet our Villagers.  Halloween and Christmas "in the Village" are annual traditions with treats, crafts, songs and fun attract hundreds of children and their families each year. 

The Children's Safety Village is a registered charity and was built completely through the donations of members within the community. Located on land donated by the City, we are thankful to have such an incredible resource in our region. We continue to be supported by the Belleville Police Service, Belleville Fire Department and many others.  The QHBA have remained strong partners.

The Village is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. We are always fundraising  to cover the operating and maintenance costs.  If you're interested in knowing more or how you can help, please Contact us.