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Nesda Cloud Partners With The Children’s Safety Village 
Belleville, ON – The Children’s Safety Village is pleased to announce our new sponsor and supporter Nesda Technologies. Under their Nesda Cloud data storage service Nesda has committed to providing 3-years of high speed wi-fi internet. Their act of generousity is making it possible for the village to not only enhance existing programs but launch a whole new series of programming that will be significantly more interactive. New and enhanced version of our online safety and cyber respect programs will be significantly more interactive and involve participants in a very real and hands on way that would not be possible without this support.  
“Nesda has become a proud sponsor of the Children's Safety Village by sponsoring the their internet access at the village. This will allow Matt Richardson to teach his amazing curriculum on internet safety and people safety. Listening to Matt fills every parent with the confidence that information is power and to make sure every parent, teenager and child know that there are easy things that can keep them safe in this "Tricky People" filled world. If you know someone on the internet, they need to hear Matt speak.” 
              -Delilah Chartrand, Business Manager/HR                Nesda Technologies Ltd. 
“It is a truly humbling experience when our community shows such tremendous acts of generousity! Nesda Cloud has made the next wave of our programs possible, including our cutting edge online safety, human trafficking, and cyber respect seminars. With great thanks to Nesda Cloud these programs will truly be an experience that participants will not soon forget!”   
– Matt Richardson, Internet Safety Instructor and Communications Director, Children’s Safety Village 

Local TELUS Dealer Partners with the Children’s Safety Village

Belleville, ON – The Children’s Safety Village is pleased to announce that local TELUS dealer D2 Wireless has generously agreed to sponsor their cell phone and data plan for an annual value of $1,500.00. In addition, they are providing their “TELUS Wise” Internet and Smartphone Education learning resources for use at the Safety Village.  These resources provide valuable information that help Canadians of all ages with tips for staying safe and avoiding fraud online. 

“It was with great enthusiasm that D2 Wireless as the local TELUS dealer is involved with this initiative and sponsoring the safety village. The village does great work for our community and we at D2 Wireless share their passion for keeping people safe in the digital world.  With D2 Wireless being a Learning Centre, we invite people in for a FREE Learning session or for help with any questions they may have regarding their device or on how to keep safe online.” 

Sarah Cooney Ontario Regional Manager D2 Wireless

“It is so exciting to have the generous support of TELUS, our newest friend and partner on our shared goal of safeguarding families online! I personally could not be more grateful for both their sponsorship and for sharing their expertise by way of the learning resources they have provided for use in future classes at the Safety Village. With the Village expanding its programming to include custom Internet Safety programs, Cyber Respect, Human Trafficking etc. this marks the beginning of great partnership.”  

– Matt Richardson, Internet Safety Instructor and Communications Director, Children’s Safety Village





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