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Thank you for your interest in visiting the Children's Safety Village.

As you complete the fields below, please note: 

We are best equipped to handle classes with 22 students (or less).  If you are bringing a large group on a bus, most will offer two activities (eg., swimming/Glanmore House) and we will do two classes back to back.  We are flexible with our start times.

If you have a blended class, indicate the program you would like to have presented based on the following:

  • Grade JK-4: Tricky People Safety (In class session then an active session in the village)
  • Grade JK-3: Fire Safety (Interactive presentation-students rotate to stations)
  • Grades 1-2: Pedestrian Safety (students walk through the village)
  • Grades 2-3: Street Safety (Jeeps on the Streets - students ride jeeps in the village)
  • Grade 4 - Bicycle Safety (students must be able to ride on their own)
  • Grades 5-8: Internet Safety (In class session than an active session in the village with iPad's)

It is helpful to have at least 4 adults prepared to help monitor students while they are in the Village. Note: 5 adult volunteers are required for the Fire Safety Program.  

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