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Welcome to The Children's Safety Village

In case you haven't been here to visit, here's a great segment produced by

TV Cogeco Belleville for In Quinte

The Children's Safety Village, Belleville

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The Children’s Safety Village - Belleville is an Educational Centre specifically designed to teach road and personal safety to Children in Grades 2, 3 & 4.

The Village features small buildings sponsored by local community organizations and businesses, detailed roadways, traffic lights, operational railway crossing, mini vehicles, bicycles and an Instructional Classroom where the Students receive hands on instruction from a Member of the Belleville Police Service.

We are proud to say it is "Built For The Community, By The Community”.


Constable Joly is our Community Resource Officer for the Service and will be instructing the Students when they are attending the Safety Village.
 Contact Dan at (613) 966-0882, EXT. 2266, or by e-mail for information and Bookings.